Mermaids, Masochism and Happily Ever After. . .

Part of your world. . .

Falling For Her Captor

A lonely, longing Beast

Oh So Provincial Life

Someday I'll Be. . .

Sha la la la la, My oh my, You've got to kiss de girl. . .

So after lending an adequate amount of thought to this recently, I’ve concluded that my choice in Disney movies may have played a significant, though inconspicuous, role in what I now perceive through adulthood to be romance or sacrificial duties of the female in my personal modern day love tales:

Exhibit A:
After countless hours of watching and re-watching The Little Mermaid over and over and over and over and over again, while prancing about my home imagining a long, glistening fishtail instead of legs and propping myself strategically on piles of pillows to sing “Someday I’ll Be”, I had successfully envisioned myself as a 5 year old girl turned Mer-Creature in King Triton’s undersea kingdom. What this beloved cinematic piece of genius ingrained in me, as I watched in impressionable adulation, was the fact that this talented female mermaid, Ariel, need only sacrifice her god given body, her aquatic childhood Mer-kingdom, her entire Mer-Family and completely assume the cultural identity, mind, body and soul, (talk about a culture shock tri-fecta) of her heroic Prince Eric, a Prince who offers her nothing short of the world (of his human world) in order to live happily ever after with her one true love as a faithfully married, now bi-pedal couple in a world on land. Hence my pacifism in recent years when faced with the quandry of converting religions if it may make me a more qualified wife; a nose job if it may make a prettier wife; severe weight loss if it may make me a more desirable wife. Religious conversion, plastic surgery, stringent dietary regimens, what is the difference? Sacrifice is sacrifice unless it is sacrifice for love because then love is just love as love reigns supreme, no?

Exhibit B:
There was a certain intrigue in Belle‘s oh so provincial life as she fluttered throughout her village melting the hearts of the elderly and seizing the adoration of the ever arrogant and supremely macho Gaston. However, as fate would have it, Belle denies the advances of a man possessing the wherewithal to devour 12 raw eggs to impress her while bribing her affections with various feats of strength and astonishment and she ends up as a tormented captive in a bleak dungeoun, held against her will by a gruesome monster. Fragile against the size of this monster and bound by fear of his rage, she is shackled until her spirit surrenders to a docile and obedient prisoner dependent upon the Beast for health and wellbeing. Yet, she falls in love with him. In fact, she falls hopelessly in love with him because she, and only she, sees a glimmer in his eyes that suggest a twinkle of an upstanding gentleman behind her tormentor’s mask since it is only she who has come to know this tormentor so well. She is happy, thereafter, satiated by remaining his one and only captive, depending on him for all her spiritual and materialistic needs and wants. Possessed by him, they are now forever bound by the events that brought them together.

At thanksigiving dinner this year, my mother looks at me with pity in her eyes and says, “Oh god I pray for you. What man is going to love you with your fierceness?” Well Mom, anyone who portrays the unique qualities and complications of Prince Eric and the Beast of course. Because apparently, I am so well prepared and subconciously inclined to be fitted into the roles of Ariel and Belle that surely this match would be complete once they are able to possess me as described. And once possessed, I would fall into a certain dizzying love spell that only the two of us would understand. A sick and twisted love, the perfect dark fairy tale. And after all, the best kind of love is one that cannot be understood by the outside world. The irreplaceable kind. The kind that nobody else can see. A diamond in the rough is shinier than any other diamond out there because it’s glisten can be framed by the darkness against it. Any other females out there suffer from Disney inflictions?


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In this crazy World, if we have something to say we should say it; whether in word, song, dance or paint. As writers, we write what we must, what we see, what we feel and what others experience but cannot articulate or understand. This is the duty and power of the writer; to release into the world our visions and our passions as if bleeding dry. Here at Stuck Pig I give you my word and hope that my voice reaches like minds so they know they are not alone, and unlike minds so they may share my glasses for a day. This is life lived as me, digested by me and translated for anyone caring to step out of their shoes for a few paragraph’s length. I am vulnerable and opinionated. You may judge me justly or unjustly, as I judge the rest of the world. I invite you to view Life through my window. View all posts by Margaret Wang

5 responses to “Mermaids, Masochism and Happily Ever After. . .

  • Suz

    I couldn’t agree more! Such a clear breakdown of the little messages that tend to slip into our subconscious after years of indulging in the wonderful world of Disney. An introspective piece that’s given me a lot to reflect on.

    One thing’s for sure, never lose that fierceness!

  • Lauren

    Wow…you are amazingly insightful and your writing is so enjoyable to read…I can hear your voice in every word. Don’t forget me when you’re famous, M-dubs!! Xoxo

  • roey

    I always wanted to be Belle….i’m still looking for my Beast, er, Prince.

    Looking forward to the next post!

  • Poundcake

    Very well thought out! We all want to be like belle and and the mermaid in our romantic lives but constantly struggle not to sacrifice our independence or sense of self to achieve the ultimate goal of what we like to call “true love”…..

  • Jackie

    Beautifully written! It’s funny how there are so many hidden messages in Disney movies!!

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