Wild and Free, Planted and Blooming

We drove from Raleigh through Wilmington, towards Carolina Beach, and we often slowed to observe several cars who had pulled over on the shoulder of the highway to take photos in and around mile long stretches of gorgeous wildflowers. We couldn’t figure out if this stunning, unexpected and seemingly misplaced floral scene was the result of a seed bombing at a nature lover’s whim, or if they might have been strategically planted there to improve roadway aesthetics.

Either way, only one thing was for certain – None of these beautiful living organisms chose to be planted there and they didn’t have a say otherwise. What they did do, was bloom brilliantly right where they were planted regardless of circumstance. And they did one hell of a job at it.

I have no petals, but I recognize that there is an important lesson to be learned here.


About Margaret Wang

In this crazy World, if we have something to say we should say it; whether in word, song, dance or paint. As writers, we write what we must, what we see, what we feel and what others experience but cannot articulate or understand. This is the duty and power of the writer; to release into the world our visions and our passions as if bleeding dry. Here at Stuck Pig I give you my word and hope that my voice reaches like minds so they know they are not alone, and unlike minds so they may share my glasses for a day. This is life lived as me, digested by me and translated for anyone caring to step out of their shoes for a few paragraph’s length. I am vulnerable and opinionated. You may judge me justly or unjustly, as I judge the rest of the world. I invite you to view Life through my window. View all posts by Margaret Wang

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