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Wild and Free, Planted and Blooming

We drove from Raleigh through Wilmington, towards Carolina Beach, and we often slowed to observe several cars who had pulled over on the shoulder of the highway to take photos in and around mile long stretches of gorgeous wildflowers. We couldn’t figure out if this stunning, unexpected and seemingly misplaced floral scene was the result of a seed bombing at a nature lover’s whim, or if they might have been strategically planted there to improve roadway aesthetics.

Either way, only one thing was for certain – None of these beautiful living organisms chose to be planted there and they didn’t have a say otherwise. What they did do, was bloom brilliantly right where they were planted regardless of circumstance. And they did one hell of a job at it.

I have no petals, but I recognize that there is an important lesson to be learned here.


No Less

But not soulless
I love you
No less

As time breeds infection
Things are much, much worse
Before they heal, they rest

Father brother lover
Is this what we breed?
We bred alive and kicking,
This half breathing
demented mess

And one aimed to salvage,
Ripping, clawing at hair and skin
To keep beating
What the rib cage held
Was bleeding

While the other maimed and tortured

My skin, all of me
I was the one-
I Should have been bleeding

Your hands those very
Large hands
Held so much more
Than my world, whole and widening
When you tried to wipe them clean

There, stained, then everywhere
You couldn’t wipe them clean
You beggar, you stealer
You smiling story-teller

My head in a lap (yours?), I lay,
Then sit beside myself

And look up at you to realize
You’ve been three time-zones away

So, now,
How quickly we stay the same

Beauty in Destruction and Rebirth

There is beauty in destruction; in fire, weapons, and war depending on how you view this type of passion. Destruction is necessary in order to regain balance. It is the imbalance of power which causes combat, whether with another party, within yourself or with a current circumstance you are compelled to rebel against. Sometimes you need to set it all on fire, watch it burn and emerge in the purest form of yourself, after all the afflictions have boiled away. The negativity of destruction depends upon its final outcome: some wreak havoc to breed havoc, some wreak havoc to rebuild, and there is nothing more noble than rebuilding from ashes. Those who fail to see beauty in destruction are blind to beauty in its’ various forms and are therefore blind to the future.

Rules Every Perfect Ballerina Must Follow

1. Never enter a classroom without pink tights, body suit and skirt. Elegance.

2. Always have your hair pulled back and tight. Confidence.

3. Always stand with chin up, shoulders back, stomach sucked in and butt tucked under. Beauty.

4. You must warm up and stretch at the barre before adagio. Fragility.

5. You must have your feet pointed, chin following shoulder and hips turned out at all times. Gag.

6. NEVER stand in parallel position. Vomit.

7. Always find your center and hold it. Use your plier and elongate. Tear.

8. Never eat fast food and certainly do not eat ANY food past nine. Gargle.

9. At least six pounds must be shed before the final fitting of a tutu. Smile.

10. Never under any circumstance seem like you do not love what you are doing. Repeat.

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