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Night Sail

When I lay me down to sleep,

The monsters below begin to creep.

The farther down their nasty lair,

The stronger their hold, with strength to spare.


With sleep as my boat and dreams as oars,

I quietly sail and pray to the Lord

To steer me safely with the wind behind

Yet, I know He will test if my faith be blind.


With trepidation I sail into the deep,

Waters roughen, no voices speak.

From depths of stormy seas within me

Angry devils rise with fury.


Capsized, paralyzed, with no sight or words,

I am choking, flailing, with no aid coming towards.

I feel their grasp; merciless and hateful.

Tears, salt, sea, I swallow by the mouthful.


Thrashing in darkness, I continue to sink under.

I hope for intervention, lightning or thunder.

With the last of my sight, I see a blurred night sky…

Kicking for freedom, I strain my thighs.


Amidst agonizing defeat, a twinkling thought-

I suddenly remember old foes I’ve fought.

I surface for a second and gulp fresh air,

Awakened by wind tearing through my hair.


Tears into the sea,

These waters stir within me,

These ogres were born inside me,

From my very own darkness,

Anxieties brewing catastrophe.


I own these beasts – an ounce of pain, a ton of steel,

Their strength is my strength, I hold the reel.

My neck is bound by their grip

But the lasso is in my hands; I crack the whip.


Their hold is released, our roles reversed,

I’ve harnessed the dragon, undone the perverse.

Lacking oxygen, and fighting for sight,

I straddle this beast and bind it tight

At the throat and I pull until my veins are blue,

Destroying the lies that destroy my truth.


I kill this creature and stare into its eyes,

This wicked nemesis I’ve glimpsed many times,


With a face so vengeful and familiar,


Looking back at me from the window in my mirror.




No Less

But not soulless
I love you
No less

As time breeds infection
Things are much, much worse
Before they heal, they rest

Father brother lover
Is this what we breed?
We bred alive and kicking,
This half breathing
demented mess

And one aimed to salvage,
Ripping, clawing at hair and skin
To keep beating
What the rib cage held
Was bleeding

While the other maimed and tortured

My skin, all of me
I was the one-
I Should have been bleeding

Your hands those very
Large hands
Held so much more
Than my world, whole and widening
When you tried to wipe them clean

There, stained, then everywhere
You couldn’t wipe them clean
You beggar, you stealer
You smiling story-teller

My head in a lap (yours?), I lay,
Then sit beside myself

And look up at you to realize
You’ve been three time-zones away

So, now,
How quickly we stay the same

Beauty in Destruction and Rebirth

There is beauty in destruction; in fire, weapons, and war depending on how you view this type of passion. Destruction is necessary in order to regain balance. It is the imbalance of power which causes combat, whether with another party, within yourself or with a current circumstance you are compelled to rebel against. Sometimes you need to set it all on fire, watch it burn and emerge in the purest form of yourself, after all the afflictions have boiled away. The negativity of destruction depends upon its final outcome: some wreak havoc to breed havoc, some wreak havoc to rebuild, and there is nothing more noble than rebuilding from ashes. Those who fail to see beauty in destruction are blind to beauty in its’ various forms and are therefore blind to the future.

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